Tom is a filmmaker by way of photography.

With a Bachelor of Design, you’d think that pushing pixels would be Tom’s calling. While there’s no question that imagery is his thing, these days it’s more about capture than it is creation.

As a Senior Studio Artist and Director of Photography at Critical Mass, Tom has filmed and photographed both in and out of the studio. His skill behind the lens has sent him worldwide, capturing award-winning work for notable brands like BMW, INFINITI, First Command, Luxottica, and AT&T, among others. But Tom’s eye for epic imagery is reserved for human stories, like the ones he’s filmed for the Clara Lionel Foundation. These lie closest to his heart.

If Tom isn’t in the air on his next international flight heading to the next shoot, you can probably find him at the Studio in Calgary, Alberta, Canada fine-tuning his latest edit. Tom is always seeking out new projects that challenge and inspire him, so send him a message!