Tom KUCY is a filmmaker by way of photography.

An early interest in photography led to a career of filmmaking and cinematography for Tom Kucy. His fascination with moving pictures took him from his foundation in still photography and graphic design and guided him towards this career.  Armed with a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication Design from the Alberta University of the Arts in Calgary, Tom is currently Director of Photography at Wander Studio of Critical Mass. 

Having worked on countless award-winning projects for notable worldwide brands such as BMW, INFINITI, First Command and AT&T, among others, Tom’s keen eye for visual storytelling and leading a team in creative direction has garnered him the respect of clients and peers alike. Tom specializes in documentaries, online commercials and digital content as well as leading large scale productions, editorial direction and colour-grading. 

Working closely with Rihanna’s Clara Lionel Foundation, Tom creates captivating content supporting their cause. Telling ground-level stories of how the impact of the charity has changed beneficiaries’ lives throughout Africa and the Caribbean, Tom has produced mini-documentaries, social media content and digital activations for events such as Rihanna’s annual Diamond Ball. Traveling from regions in Africa (Malawi and Senegal) and the Caribbean, Tom has been on the front line with the foundation, acting as a conduit for beneficiaries to tell their stories directly, as opposed to the charity speaking for them.

Latest projects: 

Malawi, Clara Lionel Foundation, in production. Creative Director, DoP.

Returning from Southern Malawi, where Tom and Josie Van Der Velden, Producer of Wander team visited with two partner organizations (GAIA and CAMFED) that focus on education for women as well as HIV testing in rural areas. Content captured on this trip will be featured at the annual Diamond Ball in New York City in September 2019.

INFINITI Global Shop. DoP. Winter/Spring 2019.

Working with INFINITI Automotive Global, Tom relocated temporarily to Hong Kong with a team from Wander Studio (Art Director, Motion Director and Producer) to bring a pilot program surrounding a polar shift in INFINITI’s approach to social media advertising. Tom created deliverables with high production value in an extremely short turn-around time.